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Featured Hockey Items

Featured Hockey Items:


A&R Waxed Hockey LacesNew Arrival -- A&R Hockey Skate Laces

We just received a huge shipment of brand new hockey skate laces from A&R, the official lace of USA Hockey.  

Whether you want waxed or un-waxed; striker lace tips or regular; white, black, yellow, red, pink or rainbow colored; Play It Again Sports in Plano has the absolute largest selection of hockey skate laces in Texas!

And now, your purchase helps support the USA Hockey Olympic Team as they go for the gold in Sochi for 2014!

USA Hockey Olympic Team Sponsor

Hockey Skate Lace Necklace


New Arrival -- Hockey Skate Lace Necklaces and Bracelets

Want to show your love of hockey... or a hockey player you know?

hockey skate lace bracelet

These new bracelets and necklaces are made from actual hockey skate laces with locking safety clasps.

They come in a variety of styles and color combinations. Match the colors to your favorite NHL team, your own team or get several combinations!

NHL Logo Mouth Guards


New Arrival -- NHL Logo Mouth Guards

Show your opponents which NHL team you support -- with a well-protected smile.   

Mouth protection like no other: TapouT® Mouthguard has innovated a mouth protection system so advanced it rivals the safety and performance of custom-molded mouth guards that cost hundreds of dollars, but at a fraction of the cost.

PIAS-hockey accessories


Need Any Hockey Accessories?

Come check out our full line of accessories to keep you on your game, every game. Our A&R hockey accessory wall is totally stocked up and ready for your new season.

Whether you need a garter belt, suspenders, neck guard, shin straps, compression shorts, tape, laces, wax, sharpening stones, visors, mouth guards, skull caps, helmet bags or essential hardware kits, we've got you covered.