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Featured Lacrosse Items

Featured Lacrosse Items:


Warrior Torch Lacrosse Stick

Hot Seller -- Warrior Torch Lacrosse Stick

Built for newer Lacrosse players, the Torch features a wide head design and bigger pockets. Flatter scoop design makes picking up ground balls easy for young players just learning the game.

Strung with an Ultra Mesh pocket that maintains a consistent pocket shape and breaks in quickly. Patented TruOffSet design gives you maximum pocket depth for the best ball control when cradling and dodging.


Brine Triumph Rise Lacrosse Stick


Hot Seller -- Brine Alias Attack Stick


The Perfect Starter Stick!

Its wider face shape makes it easier to catch, throw and scoop groundballs.

TruOffSet technology for more natural game play.

Ultra-mesh allows for a more consistant pocket when it comes to catching, throwing and cradling.


Brine Uprising II Shoulder Pad

Hot Seller -- Brine Uprising II Shoulder Pad


Dual-density protection increases impact absorption and comfort.

Revamped and resized bib structure features multiple breaks for both fit and function.

Available in a variety of sizes.



Brine Uprising Arm Pad


Hot Seller -- Brine Uprising II Arm Pad


Adjustable dual arm straps with full-length sleeves create a comfortable fit for any new player.

Dual-density foams with internal cap system provides added impact absorption and comfort.



Brine Uprising Lacrosse Gloves

Hot Seller -- Brine Uprising II Lacrosse Gloves


Performance, function and a whole lotta fight. That’s what new players need to make it in this game, and the Uprising Glove offers just that, with dual-density foam for added protection and multiple breaks for flexibility.

Dual-density foam delivers the protection new players need while they learn the ropes. Multiple breaks and true vents throughout the backhand and fingers provide flexibility and ventilation.


STX Clash Lacrosse Arm Pad


Hot Seller -- STX Clash Arm Pads


Full-Coverage arm protection from STX.

Built with durable, lightweight polyester material and high-impact foam padding.

No-slip spandex and adjustable elastic strips for customized fit with any player.

Microbe shield protects against odors and bacteria build-up.



Cascade CS Lacrosse Helmet

Hot Seller -- Cascade CS Lacrosse Helmet


A single piece shell, chin and visor allow for a lighter, more close fitting helmet. This reduces fatigue and increases performance.

The FitSwitch provides on-the-fly adjustment to lock in the perfect fit. Temple mounted sliders effortlessly control the lateral width of the liner for instant fit, allowing the helmet to grow with the player.

The FullPivot system is designed to fit the anatomy of Lacrosse super stars in training. The rear third of the liner pivots to grasp the head, ensuring a secure fit which is quickly adjustable with a proprietary pull-tab adjustment system.



Warrior and Nike Lacrosse Cleats

New Arrival -- Warrior and Nike Lacrosse Cleats


Play It Again Sports in Plano just received a special purchase shipment of Warrior and Nike Lacrosse Cleats in various styles, colors and sizes -- all at a fraction of the cost found in most retail outlets.

Come in and browse through our entire stock today!



Warrior Lacrosse Equipment

New Arrival -- The Warrior Lacrosse Brand


The 2014 Lacrosse product lines will be arriving in our store shortly and we are very pleased to announce the inclusion of the Warrior Lacrosse brand this year.

Warrior is recognized as one of the premier manufacturer of innovative, high performance, cutting-edge equipment, footwear and apparel for lacrosse athletes of all ages and abilities.


Jimalax Lacrosse Strings and Mesh

New Arrival -- Jimalax Lacrosse Mesh & Stringing Supplies


Also new to our lineup of Lacrosse gear is the Jimalax line of lacrosse mesh and stringing supplies, considered by most top players to be the only brand they use on their own equipment.

Need new mesh or new strings for your favorite lacrosse stick? We now stock all the items you need to personalize and custom-string your pocket exactly the way you want it.

Battle Oxygen MouthguardsNew Arrival -- Soldier Sports Mouthguards



THE CUSTOM 7312 was originally designed for military combatives who needed maximum protection with superior speakability and breathability. With this in mind, Soldier Sports developed 7312: a blend of high-impact absorbing material that allows for a thinner, more effective mouthguard.

The science and technology behind this design is what enables us to protect you with a bold $50,000 Dental Warranty*. We don’t just claim to be the best. We put our money where our mouth is.